The Photographer

Professional Photographer offering Photography services -  serving all Hampshire, Eversley, Finchamstead, Crowthorne, Yateley, Fleet , Woking and Reading. 

Tunde is a Hungarian born traveller, adventurer and creative talent. Experiences from her native Hungary led her to explore the beauty and form of the undulating and beautiful natural landscape. Later, this inquisitiveness would lead her to explore the world through working with private airlines and using her spare time to record these unique sights. With locations viewed as remote Ascension Island.... and.... she has used these experiences to form a unique view of the world and how its beauty is captured.

Having dashed the dream of studying photography, her eye has been carved with that of an artisan rather than technician. The skills she has honed are through creative collaboration and expression with unique individuals, who in turn have helped shape her unique approach to the art of photography.

The approach of the work in which she creates flies in the face of traditional methods and taught practices, as she forms a more maverick approach to the location she is working within. Freedom and simplicity is adopted over technical precision,  moving to the focal points and environment rather than forcing them to come together.

As with anything in life, it's understanding the tools that you work with, in order to capture many unique images in a short space of time. As an artisan, it's her understanding of the editing process that leads each image to become a "Work of Art" rather that a mere "Photograph". Using the latest high resolution photography techniques each image become dissected and crafted into a unique vision that will encompass your personal or business needs.


Tunde is your local  Photographer in Eversley, Hampshire covering maternity/newborn/baby/children/family photography in Sandhurst/ Crowthorne/ Fleet/Yately/Bracknell  and the surrounding areas. 

Contact me on: 07724692282 or send me an e-mail via my contact page.