Tips For Hiring A Newborn Photographer

Questions To Ask

Congratulations!  Expecting a child is undoubtedly the most exciting time in your life and you must have a million questions about newborn photography; what it is, how to hire a newborn photographer, where to find one, and what to look for.  Well, this is the place for you!  Lets start by highlighting a few questions that you might want to ask your potential newborn photographers, in hopes of narrowing down someone that is right for you!

Newborn Safety

The topic of Newborn Safety might be one that you have never considered, but is something that is very important to learn about.  If you are considering newborn photography, here are a few things that you should know.

Many of the poses that newborn photographers attempt to accomplish, are composite images (2 images merged into one), use spotters and assistants, or are manipulated in Photoshop. Please see some images below as an example of how to safely accomplish these popular poses.

What To Expect

Well, most professional newborn photographers book sessions months in advance - since they generally book 'due dates' and not actual session dates. Once you have booked, most professionals will require you pay a deposit, or the session fee in advance to secure your spot. This is standard industry practice, and will ensure that your session is reserved and your photographer has you in their books!

Most newborn photographers will want to photograph your newborn when he or she is just that - a newborn. A 'newborn' is considered an infant under the age of 14 days. The optimal time to photograph a newborn is between the ages of 5-7 days, that is generally what most photographers strive for. In order to accommodate that time period and get the most out of your newborn session, something very important needs to happen - someone needs to notify your newborn photographer that the baby has been born! Designate the responsibility of notifying the newborn photographer of the arrival of the baby to a friend or family member who wants to 'help'. This will get the process going, and your photographer will need to know as soon as possible of the birth of the baby so they can arrange their schedule to get you in their studio as soon as possible.

When To Book A Newborn Photographer

It is never too early to book a newborn photographer!  Newborn photographers book your due date, not the session date.  Since they photograph newborns under the age of 10 days, they usually accept a limited amount of 'due dates' per week to be able to accommodate when babies are born early, or late.  

If you are looking to hire a newborn photographer, book in advance. Most good newborn photographers book at least 2-3 months in advance - so what are you waiting for?  Search our website for a newborn photographer near you!