Maternity, newborn, baby, family photographer in  Hampshire, Eversley, Finchampstead, Crowthorne, Yateley, Fleet and Reading.

Newborn/baby/children photographer

Every day sees fresh changes, new achievements and an ever emerging personality; I’m here to capture a moment in time that you can treasure forever.


My services: Tailored to every stage of childhood


My newborn photography captures the earliest period of a new life, where your cherished baby and your family life are just going through the first magical moments.

Generally such shoots are best taken between 8-12days as this allows me to capture your new child at their smallest, and as my approach provides for both a relaxed atmosphere and photography that takes from your child's lead, you can rest assured of a natural and entirely calm and composed photoshoot for your child.


The first year of your child’s life is nothing short of enchanting, where every day brings new joys and each month sees them change in ever more surprising ways.

With so much going on during these precious times I can capture memories to treasure at their key stages: from their earliest days, through to their first sitting and rolling positions and onto their tentative first steps at around a year old.


As a small and ever evolving person your child is developing and changing in wonderful ways every single day, and it takes more than just a series of shots within a posed studio to truly reflect this. My photography focuses in on vibrant images, where personalities shine through and images are anything but stilted.


The subtle skills of capturing children and babies

They say that you should never work professionally with children, however as a newborn, baby and child photographer I revel in the challenges and joys that working with small people brings. What’s more with years’ worth of experience behind me I’ve finely honed my techniques to draw out your miniature me’s massive personality.

I will grab their attention and engage them in ways where their very best side can be captured through my lens. I work in relaxed environments and with a spontaneous approach that ensures that your child isn’t serialised through stilted, frozen and unnaturally posed photos.


I produce wonderful photos… but don't just take my word for it

In a world of online photography experts I know that words may seem cheap, and that each website you've seen may proclaim to be the very best with bundles of talent. So please don’t take my words as read…. head on over to my portfolio and see for yourself how I work and the ways in which I capture babies, newborns and children in truly personalised ways.


Is your little one ready for their close up?

If you’re ready to talk with me about your little one's special shoot then I’m here to reply to your message. You can send me a message via my contact page or call me on 07724692282.